Schooner Sailing....2013.....key West, Florida

The History and Links on this page goes back to 2003 and some of the older internal and external links my not be available


Dec 30th 2003

Dec 29th 2003

  • The Web Site is a Year Old today !

  • P35s listed for Sale on BOATS.COM have been added to the Boats & Owners page with pictures.

Dec 28th 2003

  • New addition to the crew, Sandy

  • New Projects Posted:


Dec 11 2004

  • Peter sent in some updated pictures of CAPER, a 1969 Yawl rigged P35, docked in Jacksonville FL.

Dec 4 2004

  • So what's a 1969, P35 doing in Polynesia? Danial sent in a picture of Glide.

  • Jim sent in a picture of hull # 7, 7th Heaven.

  • Bill sent in a picture of Luna Moth (hull #187) at anchor in Quahog Bay Maine.

Dec 1 2004

Nov 28 2004

  • WOW, take a look at this interior view of a 1981 model P35, send in by Tom Seibert up in Rochester NY.

Nov 27 2004

Nov 25 2004

  • Alan from Clearlake Tx, stopped by to list his 1969 model, Ultimate.

Nov 23 2004

  • Great sailing pictures from John on ADRIANA, from Key Largo Fl.

  • John and Teresa update their page with some new pictures, while out on the Gulf Stream.

Nov 22 2004

  • Bill down in Marathon, Fl is making progress on Polaris. Don't we all wish we had a place to work on our boat like this.

Nov 6 2004

Oct 29 2004

  • Well, Sandy is one year old!

Oct 28 2004

  • Westerbeke Oil Cooler information sent in by Josh, cruising somewhere in the South Pacific.

  • T. Cockrell sent in these pictures of REBELETTE showing the details of his Mid-Boom Traveler.

Oct 27 2004

  • John & Teresa sailing out of Key Largo, FL showing off a great 1980 Model (Don't look at these pictures if it's snowing on your boat right now).

Oct 15 2004

  • New section added on Hurricanes (Experience not by choice)

June 28 2004

June 24 2004

June 10 2004

June 10 2004

June 7 2004

  • Walter sent in an update on GONZO.

  • Bruce and Katherine Smith sent in a picture of their 1969, Carousel.

  • Thanks to John, we finally resolved the double hull numbers listed in the Boats & Owners.

  • Slow Pok - #088

  • Another World - #080

  • Michael sent in some picture of a Total Deck Upgrade on Esprit De Corps

  • Check this web site out for some Nasty Bird Spikes

May 14 2004

May 5 2004

  • Dave Tucker sent in a photo of TERM II, sailing out of Southampton, NY.

  • Joe, over on the Southwest coast of Fl, sent in a picture of his "Guard Gator."

Apr 20 2004

  • Michael Hammer, from Mobile AL show us what a 34 year old boat looks like flying an Asymmetrical Spinnaker. Great pictures Michael of Esprit De Corps

Apr 14 2004

Apr 17 2004

Apr 11 2004

  • Greg checked in with a classic "69" model sailing out of St. Pete, FL.

Apr 8 2004

  • Patti joins the Boats & Owners group with her beautiful 1969 dark blue hull, P35 as a live-a-board with her dog Lucia. Great sailing picture of a yawl-rigged model.

  • Greg also joined the group from St. Pete Fl with his 1969 P35. We are up to 37 P35s, listed in the Boats & Owners page, in the 1967 to 1979 range.

Mar 27 2004

  • Joe takes us through bleeding the Fuel System on a Perkins.

Mar 22 2004

  • If you are a Florida Boat owner and your boat is at least 30 years old with the original engine, then you might have some good news coming. Joe sent in some info on the FLORIDA Antique Vessel Registration.

Mar 15 2004

  • Bill & Sandra joined us with there 1978 Polaris from Marathon, FL. Nice use of the Captains Bunk. Love that sliding desk!

  • We are now up to 122 Boats & Owners, with the addition of Amazing Grace from St Thomas in VI.

Mar 8 2004

Feb 23 2004

Feb 21 2004

  • Don't know what to say about this boat. Take the engine out and use a kicker.

  • My puppy is growing up to fast. Sandy 18 weeks.

Feb 19 2004

Feb 9 2004

Feb 7 2004

Feb 5 2004

Jan 20 2004

Jan 11 2004

Jan 9 2004


Dec 23 2005

  • Bill is NOT shoving snow this winter. Polar is in warm water.

Oct 7 2005

Sept 28 2005

Sept 7 2005

  • Serenade is in Trinidad and is FOR SALE

  • Location of CAPER in Jacksonville, FL on Google Earth.

Aug 26 2005

  • Try out the free "Google Earth" to locate your boat anywhere in the world. If you need help with this let me know.

July 27 2005

  • Check out the sail on Peka-Boo, owned by Andy out of Englewood, FL.

July 22 2005

  • Check out "Lemonade," Got' a love the flamingo Craig.

July 20 2005

  • Ray Schmidt, out of Woodbridge, NJ takes Express Mail back to it's original build name of Sun Dancer. Great job of hull painting Ray. I used to live in a town in England named Woodbridge.

  • Paul and Cindy "swinging on the hook," in the Bahamas in Perfect Partner.

  • I found a great graphic from FEMA on the Hurricanes of 2004.

Mar 1 2005

  • So you don't like your hand rails?....Follow along while Roscoe shows you what to do with a 7' long board of teak.

  • Frank sent in a picture of of Yours Trulli.

Feb 22 2005

  • Dr Neill and Kay provided a nice picture of "Summer Daze."

  • Bill is not letting the cool weather get him down. He sent in some pictures of his new AC Generator instalation. This is the first generator instalation I have see documented on a P35. Will be interested to see how it all works out. Don't miss his one-of-a-kind stern equipment tower. Sure wish my deck looked that clean.

Feb 11 2005

  • Ron, Kathy, Dawn and Scott join the group with a 1968 model out of NJ named, Stormy Petrel.

Jan 27 2005

  • Bob Nimmo, out of Washington NC has a 1979 for Sale. If you ever want to sale your P35 this is one way to show it off. There is a lot of information here and a lot of good ideas.

Jan 21 2005

  • Tom, up in Rochester, NY pulls out the Cutless. I still don't think this P35 (Blownaway) came off the factory floor looking like this!

  • Roscoe pulls the prop off with a home made device.

  • Roscoe added a generator fuel tank, radar mount, replaced shelving in the head and painted the hull.

  • Steve Garza sent in a picture of his new purchase.....

Jan 16 2005

Jan 16 2005

  • Up to 154 in the Boats & Owners Page.

  • Peter sent in some updates for Caper. He's also looking for a recommendation for new insurance.

Jan 2 2005

  • Grant found a picture of his trip to Alaska in 2003.