– Reborn

Pearson35 is returning in January However, your help is needed. Please gather up your files, pictures and stories and send them to  It may take awhile for me to get to them, so be patient and rest assured that it is appreciated.



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  1. ABYC systems & diesel master tach. Owns and is upgrading Hull #1 .
    She is a Preproduction 1967 with many years of sailing. I’m now the third owner. Restoring Yachts is what we do here in Maine. She’s in her fourth year or should I say winter project mode. Don’t have a file, just a cell phone with before and after pictures. Should be fun for some of you dreamers out there. To my knowledge this vessel has not seen a name change in her 50 years SV- P-35 “Pipe Dream” .

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